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Mobify Your CRM


Mobify Your CRM

Feature Rich & Customizable Mobile Application For SugarCRM

Integrate all or selected SugarCRM modules dynamically and configure settings based on user roles

Mobile App compatible with iOS and Android

Role based accessibility to users

Interactive dashboard, analytical reports & graphical charts

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Product Features

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How To Install

1. Download App

Download SugarMob Professional+ from App Store/Play Store and install it in your iOS Device / Android Phones & Tablets.

2. Download Plugin

Download SugarMob Professional+ plugin from our store and configure it in your SugarCRM installation.

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3. Admin Configuration

To integrate the app with our plugin, login as SugarCRM admin and activate extension from configuration.

4. Configure Device

Open SugarMob Professional+ in your device. Login with your SugarCRM user credentials to start using our app!

Other Product Assets

Documentation, FAQ, Reviews and Release Notes

  • Julian Hamilton (Posted on May 21, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Nothing beats this

    Nothing is better than having customers' data on your mobile! Perfect time save when it comes to accessing customers' data remotely.

  • Grace Collins (Posted on March 16, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    support team is also very responsive

    SugarMob makes the utility of our CRM much simpler. The support team is also very responsive to customer needs. The configuration effort was much less than expected.

  • Aubrey Edwards (Posted on March 7, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Very user friendly and intuitive

    I like the ease and ability of customizing the CRM Modules to fit our business needs. It has improved the quality of our sales management.

  • Victoria Evans (Posted on February 29, 2016)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Excellent product

    Excellent product in a competitive price! Very user friendly and intuitive, with its proper usage, it becomes very easy to manage everything from your phone.


General FAQ

  • What is the basic purpose of this app?

    This app allows you to access your SugarCRM instance on your mobile device. The modules and operations to be performed on them will be based on the version selected by you.

  • Can I use the app for more than one user?

    Yes, you can use the app for unlimited users. The free version is entirely free and the paid version has pricing plans based on number of users. You can initiate with the basic plan with 5 users and then gradually increase the number of users as per your need.

  • How can I increase the number of users for the pro version of the app later?

    You can change the subscription plan with more number of users, once the current subscription is over.

  • Do I need to install anything on my SugarCRM instance?

    If you opt for the paid version, then you need to install the plugin on your SugarCRM instance. The free version of the app does not require any installation in the CRM.

  • Will the app load all the modules in my CRM?

    In the free app, it will load pre-defined SugarCRM modules; whereas in the paid version it will integrate all SugarCRM modules dynamically in the app based on back end configuration.

  • Do I have to make a one time payment or do you have a subscription plan also?

    You don't have to make one time payment. The basic version of the app is free to download and use so you don't have to pay anything for that. For the higher versions we have monthly and yearly subscription plans based on the number of users you have. So you can select a payment plan based on how frequently you want to pay and how many users will use the plugin.

  • Can I upgrade from monthly to yearly subscription?

    Yes, once your current subscription is over, you can contact us at support@biztechconsultancy.com to change the subscription plan.

  • Is there any free trial for the paid app?

    No, there isn’t any free trial for the paid app. You can opt for the monthly subscription to test it for your CRM.

  • Is there any in-app purchase?

    Yes, in the free version of the app, we do provide in-app purchase. We also offer a 30-day free trial for the in-app purchases.

  • Would you provide source code of the app?

    We can provide you the source code on the app if it is exclusively developed for you with your own branding.

  • Would you assist for installing the plugin on our CRM instance for the paid version?

    Yes, we’ll surely assist you with the installation of the plugin on your CRM instance.

  • Do you provide demo for the paid version?

    Yes, a demo is worth a thousand words. You can opt for a free guided tour to the product by filling up the form on store page and can also refer the demo details to view the demo.

  • Will you customize the application to support our CRM instance and other specific needs?

    Yes, we can surely customize the app for you. Kindly share your requirements at support@biztechconsultancy.com and we’ll get back to you.

  • Is it possible to have our own branding for the app?

    Yes, if you opt for the plan of 20+ users, then we’ll add your company logo to the app.

Technical FAQ

  • I entered the correct license key but it still says "License validation failed...". What to do?

    Our license key works on the site URL entered in the config.php file (this file is available in the root directory). So if the URL provided to us and the site URL does not match, then the license key validation fails. You can contact us on live chat or generate a ticket to change the URL if required.

  • I have trouble logging in the app. What should I do?

    Kindly make sure that you are using the correct username, password and URL to sign in. It should be exactly the same as you use in your CRM. Also, make sure that the LDAP authentication is turned off.

  • Will the app allow to add, update and delete records?

    Yes, the app will surely allow you to create, edit and delete records based on the access of operation and module provided by admin. Every operation will be reflected in your CRM.

  • Does this app saves data even when offline (not connected to internet)?

    Yes, our app provides offline sync feature which will save your data even when not connected to the internet. When the connectivity is regained, you can prioritize the tasks and sync them through Offline Sync Monitor (with the click of a button!).

  • Will this app provide push notifications?

    Yes, it will show push notifications while Assigning record to person and Update record for particular person.

  • Does this app provide a feature to reset the password?

    Yes, the application allows you to reset the password and it also helps you to retrieve password in case you forget.

  • What is 360 view?

    This feature gives you the view of module-wise related records from the detail view of a record.

  • What is Offline support and Sync Monitor?

    The Offline support provides you options for either to sync the offline data entirely or by module. The Sync Monitor helps you to monitor offline records being synced along with their stats.

  • Is it possible to provide limited access to some of the users based on their role in CRM?

    Yes, you can provide role based accessibility to other users. The modules in the app will be loaded as per the credentials entered.

Release Notes :

Version 2.1.0 : Jan 16, 2017


  • LDAP implementation
  • Multi
  • Language Support
  • Global Search
  • Lead Conversion
  • Import Contact from Contact Book
Version 2.0.0 : Nov 5, 2016


  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Recent Records
  • Recently Viewed Records
  • Todays Activities
  • Google Map Integration
  • Single Day Activities View
  • Quick Create Option
  • Configure Menu Items
  • 360 Degree View *
  • Sync Offline Records
  • Monitor Records Synced Offline
  • Analytical Charts
  • Duplicate Records
  • Push Notifications
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Fixed Bugs identified in previous release
Version 1.1.0 : Jun 21, 2016


  • SugarMob Pro 1.1.0 is now compatible with Sugar 7.5.* ,7.6.*
  • Added iOS compatibility.
  • Fixed bugs identified in prior releases
Version 1.0.0 : Feb 25, 2016


  • SugarMob Pro is released.
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