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Magento 2 Track Order

Track Order
Community Editions

Allow your Customers know the current status of their orders and provide them shipment tracking link with order number and email address.


Highlighted Features

  • No need to sign into the customer account just to know the current status of placed order.
  • Your customers can view the current order status and access the shipment tracking link by only specifying the order number and email address.
  • Set the “Track Order” feature as a “Top Link”, “Top Menu” or “Widget”.
  • The widget can be placed in any part of the web page.
  • The “Track Order” page link can also be provided to the customer via shipment email.

Screenshots: (Click to zoom)

Track Order page
Track Order Details
Track Order
shipment email
admin configuration
home page

Example: http://www.domain.com

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    Magento 2 Track Order

    Our popular Magento Extension now available in Magento 2. Increase significance and usability of your Magneto e-store with Track Order Extension. It will allow your customers to track their consignments easily and accurately without signing in.

    Customer just have to add order number and registered email address, after adding these the system will display all the details of the order with latest whereabouts of product. It will also have the link to the website of the shipping company which has shipped the order. It will allow customers to track the status of the order by directly going to the shipping partner's site.

    These and many more features provided by Track Order extension, will surely be appreciated by your customers and will help to grow sales.

    Core Features
    • Let Customers Know Order Status without Login

      All Magento stores require customers to login into their account to know the order status. With Track Order, they can check the order status without login.

    • Shipment Tracking Link

      Our extension lets’ customers to access the website of the shipping company which has shipped the order.

    • Multiple Options to Provide Track Order Page

      Admin can set “Track Order” page through top links, top menu or widget so the Customers can access the “Track Order” page from multiple locations.

    • Real time Tracking

      Customers can have real time access to current order status and shipment tracking details of the products ordered.

    • Separate Track Order page

      Your website design would not be affected, as the track order link will open in a new page. The customer will enter the order number and email address there.

    • Admin decides the Widget Location

      You can set the widget in any part of the page from the available options. By default, it will be placed in the “Sidebar” column.

    • Track Order Link in Shipment Email

      You can send the “Track Order” page link to the customer through email. Thus your customers can easily track their orders via mail.

    Merchant's Gain
    • Your store will have an extra feature of order tracking compared to competitors.

    • Higher customer satisfaction rate.

    Customer Gain
    • Customers can easily know the status of their order without logging into their account.

    • No need to search in the shipment carriers’ website to track their order.

    • They can view the shipment tracking link in “Track Order” page or in the email sent to them.

    May 9,2016

    Version: 0.1.0:

    • Magento2 Track Order Shipping is Release.



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