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Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping

StarTrack Shipping (Extension)
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Give your online store customers another shipping option by installing Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping Extension. This extension will automatically fetch shipping services and corresponding charges from StarTrack as per the products' dimensions and attract more Australian customers to buy products from your store.


Highlighted Features

  • Add title of your choice for the shipping method displayed in front end.
  • Get exact shipping rates by providing Origin City, State and Postcode.
  • Pick the shipping services under StarTrack which need to be displayed on your store checkout page.
  • Facility to configure extra charges along with Shipping Charges.
  • Get error message displayed if the “StarTrack Shipping” method is not available for the products in the cart.
  • Allowed specification of dimensions for each products.
  • Feature to Enable/Disable delivery estimate for product delivery with shipping services.

Screenshots: (Click to zoom)

product configuration

Example: http://www.domain.com

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    Magento 2 StarTrack Shipping

    If you are in search of an extension which fetches real time rates for StarTrack shipping services available in Australia for your Magento online store then opt for StarTrack Shipping Extension developed by Biztech specifically for Australian Store Owners.

    Set up this fully functional extension on your store and show the precise rates of StarTrack shipping service for various destinations within Australia.

    Note: To use this extension, kindly register at StarTrack and obtain the API key. Please refer https://www.startrack.com.au/user-admin/request-registration/. You can send an email to desk@startrack.com.au or call up at 1800 028 361.

    Core Features
    • Title of your Choice

      Pick a name of your preference for the title of the shipping method displayed in the front end. Make it easily identifiable by your customers.

    • Source Settings

      Enter the source City, Postcode and choose the Australian state from the drop down. Note that the postcode should be accurate to fetch the live rates from StarTrack shipping.

    • Shipping Services

      The shipping services under StarTrack enabled by an admin from back end will be displayed on the checkout page as per the products’ dimensions in the cart.

    • Surcharge Configuration

      Admin has the option to add “Goods and Services Tax”, “Fuel Surcharge”, “Security Surcharge” and “Handling Charges” with this extension.

    • Attribute Selection

      Admin has provision to create custom attributes for “Length”, “Width” and “Height” and assign them accordingly.

    • Error Message

      Shipping rates won’t be displayed for incompatible product dimensions, in that case admin can set an error message to make the customer aware of that.

    • Product Configuration

      Admin can enter product dimensions including weight for each product individually. Hence the calculation for each product will be precise.

    Merchant Gain
    • As the extension will always fetch live rates from StarTrack, merchants do not need to update anything if the shipping rates are revised.

    • Accurate shipping rates from StarTrack will be displayed so loss of money will be countered.

    • No technical knowledge required to get rates from StarTrack, just register at StarTrack and you are good to go.

    • Gain trust among customers as you will be charging actual shipping charges with no hidden cost.

    Customer Gain
    • Buyers will have real time shipping rates for the selected destination. They can opt for the most appropriate shipping service from the available options.

    May 9,2016

    Version: 0.1.0:

    • Magento2 StarTrack Shipping is Release.



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