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Magento 2 Easy Site Maintenance

Easy Site Maintenance
Community Editions

Create and display a custom “Maintenance Mode” page easily with our Easy Site Maintenance Extension.

Highlighted Features

  • Put your website under maintenance mode for technical or enhancement reasons without any difficulties.
  • You can easily create and display a custom “maintenance mode” page, as Easy Site Maintenance gives option to set the page in HTML.
  • Admin can white list specific IPs, which are allowed to access the website even when the site is under maintenance.
  • Admin can also allow specific URLs of the website to be accessed by the visitors during maintenance.
  • Admin can add countdown timer to show when the site will be live again.
  • The visitors can contact you for an urgent requirement through the “Contact Us” form on the maintenance page.
  • Visitors can fill up the “notify” form to get notified when the site goes live.
  • Keeps track of the visitors during maintenance mode.

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Example: http://www.domain.com

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    Magento 2 Easy Site Maintenance

    Sometimes you may want to put your magento store on maintenance mode due to some technical or server related issues, or you may want to update or change some feature or theme of your website. This is when Easy Site Maintenance extension can be used to inform your clients about the ongoing maintenance.

    With this extension, you can put your store under maintenance mode with many configuration options. Given below is a list of all the important features.

    Core Features
    • Restrained Access

      When the website is under maintenance mode, it can be accessed by admin, system with white listed IPs or excluded URL as per the configuration.

    • Countdown Timer

      A timer can be set with predefined date and time, which can provide the visitor an idea of when the site would go live.

    • Know who accessed the site under maintenance

      A log file will be maintained to keep the track of visitors who visited the store when under maintenance mode.

    • Contact Form for Urgent inquiry

      A provision for “Contact Form” has been included where the visitor can fill the up the requirement and the same will be sent to the email address specified.

    • Independent Store View

      The extension is independent of the store views. For e.g. if you have two store views and would like to have only one under the maintenance mode and the other as live, then it is possible.

    • Customizable Maintenance page

      HTML can be provided for the maintenance page; hence you can design your maintenance page as per the store’s look and feel.

    • Editable Page Title

      The page title visible in the title bar of the web page can be specified as per the need. It can be changed from the configuration settings.

    • Upload your Company Logo

      It is possible to upload the logo of your company and set the height and width of the logo as per the page’s requirement.

    • Notify form for Visitors

      Your visitors can fill up the notify form to get notification when the site goes live. Thus, you will not miss any customers who visit the site during maintenance mode.

    • Send email to Notification Subscribers

      The notification subscribers can be notified via email collectively via mass update selection. You can also set a template for this email.

    Merchant’s Gain
    • Get attractive and customizable maintenance page with company’s logo.

    • keep track of visitors during maintenance mode with the help of log file.

    • Urgent Inquiries can be received through the “Contact Us” form.

    • Add countdown timer for the time when the site is going to be live.

    • If you have multiple store views, you can keep only the selected store view under maintenance mode.

    Customer’s Gain
    • Visitors do not need to keep checking the site, as they receive notification when the site goes live. (Note: They should fill up the “Notify” form)

    • Contact the store admin in case of urgency, through the contact form.

    May 13, 2016

    Version: 0.1.0:

    • Magento2 Easy Site Maintenance is Release.



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