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In-depth technical analysis of your Magento store from certified Magento experts.


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We Are Magento Experts!

We have certified Magento developers who will provide the best possible analysis of your Magento Store.

Why Go For Magento Technical Audit?

Your Magento Store may be functional fine in terms of the order process and apparently, you may not see any problem with your store. But the site code or database may have issues that may be lowering the performance of your store. Getting an audit done from technically competent experts is a smart thing to do considering a small recommendation can result in a major shift in your store revenues.


A technical audit can unearth root causes of some of the common performance issues you may be facing. Issues like:

  •  System Crash Due to Heavy Load
  •  Slow Page Load
  •  Trouble in Integrating New Features
  •  High Maintenance Costs
  •  Upgrade Malfunctions
  •  Code Architecture Violations
  •  Frequent Complaints Regarding Interactivity

Keeping your store in top working condition is one of the most importants task of store maintenance and you shouldn’t ignore it at any cost.

Our In-Depth Technical Audit Includes

    In-depth analysis of all coding and suggesting ways to optimize coding


    Detailed inspection & analysis of database and suggesting steps for optimization


    Detailed analysis of any custom theme being used and suggesting improvement measures.


    Reviewing all the modules being used and recommending changes wherever applicable


    Reviewing the overall architecture of the store and recommending changes wherever applicable


    A detailed server infrastructure review including web server, database server, version control and application files and folders


    Detailed inspection of store performance and finding out cause of performance issues, if any.


    Detailed inspection of the Magento installation’s security aspects and recommending changes


    A consolidated report of all the above finding that can be used as a guide for store enhancement

Ask For A Detailed Audit Report For Your Magento Store

Just send your details and our experts will send you the basic version of our audit report along with a list of recommendations for free. However If you want to opt for a paid and comprehensive audit of your Magento store please mention so in the message field and we will get back to you within 2 working days with a quotation.

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