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Magento Support & Maintenance

Technical Support Keeps your Store Running Seamlessly!

Having an online store is not all that runs your business; it’s the support system that keeps your eStore going without jeopardizing its overall health!

Checking the health of your online store periodically is necessary, as you conduct occasional servicing of your vehicle or yourself, approaching the respective professionals.

We can do the same for your eStore. We know the importance of professional support hence we offer Magento Store Support and Maintenance to our clients and online business merchants having multi-layered support.



We conduct thorough testing of your store to understand the errors and drawbacks that are impacting the overall functioning of your online store. This testing phase includes:

  • Checking your store in all latest browser version
  • Checking your store in different mobile devices for responsiveness
  • Performing HTML Analysis and Optimization
  • Analyzing and Optimizing JavaScript
  • Optimizing Images
  • Analyzing and Optimizing CSS
  • Analyzing Content Compression and Browser Caching

Magento Checkup

We perform Magento platform check for any error, which might be impeding the functioning of your store. The types of magento checkups include:

  • Auditing your store for right coding standard
  • Optimizing speed by optimizing your server, and MySQL
  • Regularly checking server for unnecessary logs that may go heavy on server.
  • Checking for security, preventing bad bots without captcha
  • Configuring File Examination
  • Error checking for database structure
  • Verifying File and Folder Permission
  • Specific PHP Function and Directive Check

Store Errors

We analyze if your store is having any coding errors in terms of SEO or other promotional activities. These checkings include following steps:

  • Checking your content for accuracy to ensure your customers gets they need
  • Analyzing Magento SEO
  • Ensuring your store is available and accessible at all times
  • Ensuring your customers get timely and secure emails from your store
  • Configuring error page so that customer can contact you when error arises
  • Analyzing MySQL and optimizing server OS

Error Diagnosis

We also diagnose some other types of errors that may affect the right functioning of your online store, impacting your overall store performance and revenue generation, which may include:

  • Tracking all types of errors within your Magento for its security
  • Verifying FTP Access
  • Verifying SSH Access
  • Checking SSL Certificate
  • Supplying your customers with a secure shopping experience at all times.

Magento Upgrade

We check the version of your magento store and suggest the right upgradation, if need be. If you wish to upgrade, we can do it, making your store more effective and feature-rich.


Why Us?

We are experts, professionals with rich experience of having delivered more than 100 stores! We understand the necessity of a healthy eStore and its impacts on your business. A small error in your coding or order version of apps can immediately be reflected in our store.

We know the ins and outs of Magento platform and keep ourselves abreast with the latest updates in this platform that keeps us well informed! It’s your turn to update your business by conducting a periodic quality check and the solution is quite obvious!


Get Business Solutions That Perform

We offer high end customized business solutions matching your business needs! Let’s understand what is your business need, and help us deliver you the best solution!

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