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Advance Product Designer

All-In-One Tool for Product Personalization

Advance Product Designer

All-In-One Tool for Product Personalization

Give Your Customers The Power To Design Their Products

Advance Product Designer is an online product designer tool that allows your customers to create their own printable designs that they can use on the products they order. It is a powerful personalization tool with the most advanced set of features available in the market at this price point.

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  1. Cloth Designer
  2. Card Designer
  3. Gift Designer
  4. Skin Designer
  5. Sign & Poster Designer
Primary Features

With Advance Product Designer, your customers can create any sort of designs using text, images, clipart, etc for a range of products.

Value Added Features

We have done beyond the usual set of product designer features and provide value additions that can take your online store and printing business to the next level.

  • You can let customers print their favorite name & numbers in tandem on the apparel.

  • Display the design studio in fullscreen mode by removing all Magento’s store components and get a distraction free interface to design products

  • Advance Product Designer provides SVG support allowing your customers to manipulate all the colors of SVG Image.

  • If your printer supports only specific colors, with color management tool you can restrict your customers to use only colors that you provide.

  • Using this feature you can add popular quotes under multiple categories to let the customers easily find and use quotes in their design.

  • Advance Product Designer provides support for multiple printing methods like Silkscreen and Hot Print.

  • Let your customers see their creative output by giving them a full screen preview of the products they design.

  • Provide your customers the option to share their creativity to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc

  • You will be able to print design output in high resolution PDF files which will be converted from SVG files.

  • With px to cm converter support customers can convert the area of product they are designing pixels to specific centimeters.

  • Let your customers download the image of their custom designed t-shirts, shirts and trousers when they are finished creating their masterpiece.

Screenshots: (Click to zoom)
Select Category
Custom Image upload
Design Preview
Save Design
Saved Designs
Clipart Management
Fonts Management
Color swatch images
Set Design Area
Admin Settings
Admin Settings
Share Design On Social Media
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Customer Reviews

  • Oliver Helmstädter

    I installed this extension and as I had some issues first with the connect install (that it does not work properly) and second with the site getting live after the timer expiration I contacted the developer and I should say that I'm completely pleased with support and product I recieved.

  • Met wat aanpassingen een goede productdesignerproductdesigner onlangs aangeschaft en er vooralsnog erg tevreden over. Om hem helemaal naar ons zin te maken waren wel wat aanpassingen met bijbehorende kosten nodig maar alle lof voor deze ontwikkelaar. Ze denken fijn mee, reageren snel op mail en zijn duidelijk wat wel en niet kan. De klant kan nu kiezen uit afbeelding, tekst kleur enz.

General FAQ

  • 1. Does it fit my industry?

    Our “Advance Product Designer” extension is developed for various industries like clothing, signs & posters, gifts, cards and skins.

  • 2. Does it require any customization to be used for my industry?

    No, it is based on product. It will work for all simple and configurable products.

  • 3. What if I want to install on more than one domain or development server?

    On single domain purchase, we allow one live and one development domain. If you would like to use the extension on more than two domains with single Magento installation, then you need to purchase it for additional domains.

  • 4. What should I do, if I have different Magento installations?

    If you are likely to use the extension on domains with separate Magento installation, then you need to purchase another copy of the extension.

  • 5. Do you provide demo?

    Yes, we do. Demo is worth a thousand words. You can view the demo details and video on our store page.

  • 6. Do you provide live demo (on Skype)?

    Yes, you can get a personal live demo in your time zone by our expert.

  • 7. Will this extension allow me to design all kinds of products?

    It will work for simple and configurable products.

  • 8. Will I be able to upgrade it from a lower plan to a higher plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade it, - by paying the balance amount.

  • 9. Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can refer our refund policy @ https://store.biztechconsultancy.com/refund-policy.htm. We stand behind the quality of our extensions with a 15 day money back guarantee.

  • 10. Can I install or integrate your designer tools into my existing Magento website myself?

    Yes, you can. But the price includes installation service.

  • 11. Can I use single design tool product for the personalization of any range of products, I offer on my web store?

    Yes. The extension will work for any range of simple and configurable products. You just need to enable the tool for each product.

  • 12. Does it facilitate to load already designed products’ templates?

    Yes, of course. The extension provides the feature in which admin can design templates for products on the store and they can be used by customers.

  • 13. Is your extension compatible with Android phones, iPad and iPhone?

    Yeah, the “Advance Product Designer” extension is fully responsive. It will run on every smart phone and tablet.

  • 14. Will it support the multilingual websites?

    Yes, it will support websites with multiple languages.

  • 15. Can I edit the extension?

    All our extensions are 100% open source. You can customize the extension except the file containing our license code.

  • 16. What if I get an error message after the installation of extension Or 404 Error Page not found, after installing extension?

    No need to worry. Just log out of your Magento admin panel and login in again. If this does not help, shoot an email to support@biztechconsultancy.com, we are ready to help.

  • 17. May I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it?

    Yes. We charge a nominal transfer fee.

  • 18. May I have a free trial of your product?

    As per our company policy we are not providing any product on trial basis. Customer will have to check out the product with full payment. As we offer 15-day money back guarantee on all our products. Just in case, you are dissatisfied with your product during the 15 days of the purchase, you can receive a full refund.

Technical FAQ

  • 1. Do you provide Cliparts?

    At this moment we are not providing, we provide its sample data if required.

  • 2. Is flash required to run this extension?

    No, it is not required.

  • 3. Up to which version this extension is compatible?

    It is compatible up to Magento version

  • 4. What would be the downloadable and saved design file type?

    The designs will be downloaded and saved in .jpg or .png file format.

  • 5. What would be the output file type?

    The printable output file format is .pdf.

  • 6. What are the image formats uploaded by customer?

    Customer can upload custom images in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .svg file formats.

  • 7. What would be the compatible file format to upload masking images by admin?

    The admin needs to upload masking images in .svg file formats.

  • 8. Are there any restrictions for resolution of the product image?

    Yes, to get high quality output, please upload high resolution product base image.

Release Notes :

Version 0.1.3 : Dec 29, 2015


  • Compatible with patch Supee 6788.
Version 0.1.1 : Nov 17, 2014


  • Generate high quality of PDF.
  • Admin can upload sample design image for every product.
Version: 0.1.0: Aug 08, 2014


  • Advance Product Designer is Release.

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