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Magento Speed & Performance Optimization


Optimize Your Magento Store For Improved Revenue

Improvement is never ending, so is your Magento store! Even if you have perfect features, functionalities and design, performance of your store may not be fast enough for customer retention.


Why Need to Optimize Magento Store

Speed and performance plays a great role in customer acquisition and retention. Every website is unique that requires specialized analysis to improve the performance. There are several modules that can boost your store performance. But these should be done by professionals expert in magento. It is recommended to get help of certified specialists to maintain the high performance standards of your store.

There is no need to brainstorm how to make your store faster, just get in touch with us! Our magento specialists are the best bet.


Services You Get

Our approach towards optimization is pretty professional and it is done in multiple spheres like architecture, configuration etc., of your magento store.

  • Evaluation of Server Environment:

    Our experts analyze and perform upgrades to ensure that the versions are correct. Install or compile nginx, apache and various web servers and their modules and also perform server optimization.

  • Flushing of Database Log:

    Our experts fushes the unused database files which are no more in use which increase the speed of your Magento Store.

  • .htaccess rules :

    We deploy .htaccess rules to improve the store performance like, handling custom 404 error files, using cache control to improve website performance etc.

  • Clearing Unnecessary Images and Extra Backups:

    Clearing of unwanted images and extra backups also optimizes the website.

  • Disabling Unused Modules:

    We retain only those modules that are in use and disable the rest which are not in use, thus freeing extra space captured by the unused modules.

  • Caching:

    Our experts install the quality caching engines to ensure they interact properly.

  • Database:

    Database configuration matching your store can also be done after professional evaluation by our specialists. It could be separate read and write database and other configuration of MySQL queries to make it faster.

  • Checking Magento Setting:

    Our developers will locate the glitches caused by incorrect Magento setting and will resolve it.

  • Media Content:

    Segregating the static media in multiple ways other than HTML may be beneficial like, shifting media to a subdomain, distributing it across several servers or shifting it on a CDN.

  • JavaScript and CSS:

    Giving JS and CSS the fastest and most correct way by right configuration of web server and code is often required to speed up the store.


Our Approach to Store Optimization

We follow a well defined process to understand and provide the right solution to optimize your store. Tol start with we investigate your server environment, locate bottlenecks, finds out the 3rd party module and conflicts amongst them, if any, and investigate Magento profiling of your store and and sort out the profiling conflicts.

We follow stepwise investigation of your store to resolve each and every aspect of your store to give you seamlessly and fast performing website.


Ready to Speed Up your Store?

Get in touch today to give your store a boost, attracting more customers and converting more inquiries into sale!


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