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News (Extension)
Community Editions
1.4.0.*, 1.4.1.*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.0.*, 1.5.1.*, 1.6.0.*, 1.6.1.*, 1.6.2.*, 1.7.0.*, 1.8.*.*, 1.9.*.*

Keep your visitors/customers informed about your future products and any other news. Create a bonding with them by configuring ‘Latest News’ extension into your e-store developed by us to earn their trust and loyalty.

Highlighted Features

  • Displays 10 latest updates and its details in the website and keep the customers aware of the updates in terms of any product or news
  • Admin will have the liberty to create and publish the news on the fixed date and time
  • Admin can optimize the news page by setting the page title, keywords and description
  • Admin can set the page layout for the news list page and detail page as per preference

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News Settings
News Settings
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    Magento News

    The News Module Extension allows you to display news on your website for viewers. News can be anything like if there is any update in your products, if you have included any new product in your e-store, if you are providing any special offers in any of your products etc. all can be displayed in the news section.

    A separate section for news helps your client to easily get through recent happenings in your online store. The extension is very easy to install, configure and use. It allows you to manage news from the admin panel. You can easily add and edit any news entries and news categories. It helps you to display various ads, products and news on your website effortlessly.

    Features of News Module Extension
    Create News Section
    • After installing this extension a separate menu will be created for News on your website that will help viewers to easily go to the News section of your website.
    • News page will show latest ten updates and the details of the updates can be viewed by clicking on the read more link that will redirect the customers to the details page of that particular news.
    Create News and Set Time to Publish
    • You can create news and it is up to you when you want to publish it. There is provision for this facility in the admin side, go to News->Manage News->News information, there specify yes/no in the published attribute as needed.
    • Possibility for publishing a particular news for given period of time is also available. This can be set from News->Manage News->Publishing Options. Here set the start and end data for the news has to be published.
    Optimize News Page
    • The extension also allows you optimize your news page by allowing you to set the page title, keywords and description.
    • Page layout can be set both for the news list pages and news detail page as desired. The layouts that this extension provides are 1 column, 2columns-right, 2columns-left and 3columns
    • You can select the layout of the news detail page and can display the news in left or right column.
    Arrange/Manage News Category
    • Can display news description along with the relevant news.
    • Can display news either on the left or the right side of your web page along with social media sharing alternative.
    • You can manage the category of the news through category menu. You can name the category and activate it from the admin panel.
    • You can get quick insights about the latest news through the news slider visible on top of the webpage.
    Manage Placement/display of News
    • You can select the layout of the news detail page and can display the news in left or right column.
    • You can share news on social media and also can display news ticker on CRM pages.
    • You can now manage category by setting name of the category, and select the CMS page for display of new ticker.
    • You can assign category to separate news and can select related new of any specific new.
    • You can display all news and category filter on left side of the news listing page.
    • You can also social media sharing options, if the field is set to ‘Yes’ from back end.
    • Can display detailed descriptions of different news and their related news

    This extension can also be used as a blog on your website. Magento News Extension will help you make your store more interactive and will keep your visitors familiar with the latest business updates and developments.

    Jan 1, 2016

    Version 0.1.4:

    • Compatible with patch Supee 6788
    July 14, 2015

    Version 0.1.3:

    • Manage News by Category
    • Add Related News for particular News Item
    • Add news section in left and right column
    • Add news link in top links.
    • Display News Ticker
    • Share News on social Media
    Sep 17, 2013

    Version 0.1.1:

    • Change in news admin settings - add textarea for seo details.
    Aug 07, 2013

    Version 0.1.0:

    • First Release.
    • mikeconsiglio (Posted on November 20, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Great module with Excellent support

      I installed and configured the module easily and it worked immediately.
      I just had a problem with publish date depending on my date format configuration (dd/mm/yy) .
      When inserting publish date with days more than 12 the program records a wrong date (1/1/1970)
      I wrote an email to their support and soon they answered me and solved the problem in a few hour.
      Thanks BizTech for your help.

    • Annette Craig (Posted on June 28, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Beneficial extension

      This is a great extension helping my customers to know the latest news while they are shopping online.

    • Larry West (Posted on June 9, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension

      Great extension, to display the news to my customers in my eStore. Likes its seamless performance.

    • Keith Paul (Posted on June 2, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Nice job

      Reading news was never so exciting since I installed this extension in my online store. Thank you Biztech store, really great job done.

    • Chico Dumont (Posted on May 15, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Simply Flawless

      This extension is simply commendable. It has made the task of displaying news very easy.

    • Hands4IT (Posted on February 20, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Perfect module

      Just what we where looking for, easy installation and self explaining configuration.
      Remeber to set the dateformat as DD/MM/YY
      Best regards
      Kenn Christoffersen

    • Russel Brown (Posted on July 23, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Commendable Tool

      I am happy I integrated this extension! It is simple to use and great in benefits.

    • Bryan Baker (Posted on July 14, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Fantastic Module

      Now, I can connect with my customers and inform them about latest happenings! Amazing!



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