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MageMob POS: A Point of Sale

Collect Sales Orders Remotely

MageMob POS: A Point of Sale

Collect Sales Orders Remotely

Collect Sales Orders on your go using iPad/Android Tab – anytime anywhere!

The most flexible, easy and portable device, you can carry anywhere and accept orders from your customers on the go!

Key Benefits
  • User-friendly

    Highly simple to be managed by the merchants! No technical knowhow required! User-friendly and easy to understand and organize by anyone!

  • Easy to Access

    iPad/Android tab being within your access, it can be with you, anytime, anywhere, whenever needed. You can access your store using your iPad/Android Tab from anywhere!

  • Increases Sale

    Due to its ubiquitousness and easy access, it increases overall sale of store, adding more revenue! It's time to improve your revenue manifolds.

  • Customer Acquisition

    Such a handy and easy app attracts customers easily as it's accessible from anywhere anytime. This will also entice and acquire many more customers.

  • Customer Retention

    This app encourages customers to stay loyal due to simple order placement from anywhere. This user-friendliness improves customer retention.

  • Portable Store

    It makes the online eCommerce store available on mobile, which can be carried anywhere, anytime and can be organized and managed easily with all features.

  • Dashboard

    You will get an easy to manage dashboard that can be customized as per your business needs. It can help you get all relevant details about your placed orders, invoices, and customers detail and also allow you manage the placement of orders seamlessly.

    • Displays current year sales
    • Average monthly order value
    • Number of orders placed
    • A complete report of total sales etc.
  • Orders

    You can get a complete overview of the orders placed, canceled, pending and delivered. You can also search different orders based on various filters. Some of the major order related features could be:

    • Specific order can be placed, invoice can be generated with complete details
    • Different orders can be searched using filtered search feature
    • Status for various orders can be viewed
    • Placed orders can be notified to customer, print and canceled
  • POS

    Point of Sale can help you go through the entire process of placing order to checkout from anywhere anytime without having to access your system. It can help you create orders on behalf of your customers using your iPad/Android Tab anywhere, in your go also!

    • Using POS products can be filtered as per selected categories
    • Customers account can be created by entering billing/shipping address and other data
    • While placing order discount can be applied by selecting product to be ordered
    • The product attributes & quantity can also be changed while placing orders
  • Checkout

    The checkout page will allow you to review the entire details of orders placed and all relevant details of the customers, quantity of products, discount availed, shipping address, payment mode and the entire amount of order in single page!

    • Displays customer name and contact details
    • Displays product quantity and prices ordered
    • Showcases the discount availed
    • Displays shipping method and payment type
Just on $15 Sell your Magento Store Products on your iPad/Android
  • No setup fee!
  • Receive technical support of dedicated developers.
  • Just few clicks and your POS system will be there for your use.
  • Upgrading to our yearly plan gives more benefits.
  • Now receive sales orders anytime, anywhere on your go!
  • Pouring in revenue to your online business all 24 hours and 365 days!
  • 1
    Download App

    To start with, you need to download MageMobi App from App Store/Play Store and install it to your iPad/Android Tab as per the instructions.

  • 2
    Download Extension

    Next, you need to download supporting Magento POS extension from our store and configure it into your magento website.

  • 3
    SOAP User and ROLE

    To integrate the app with extension, create SOAP User and ROLE and assign role to that specific user for using device and enable extension from configuration.

  • 4
    Configure Device

    Go to your device. Configure your website URL in your app setting. Login with your created soap user credentials and now you are free to use our application!


We offer round the clock technical support to your MageMob POS and help you increase revenue of your online store manifolds. Get in touch for better overview at sales@biztechconsultancy.com

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  • Elena Lim (Posted on February 8, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension

    This app allows me to access my online store from anywhere and anytime. I can even place the orders on my the behalf of my customers. Great app with seamless performance.

  • Daniel Cameron (Posted on January 29, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Found it Effective

    This Magento app solution has helped me to carry my online store wherever I go. All I need is just my iPad. I installed this app in my iPad and I can access my store easily, no matter where am I. Really liked the efforts paid by the team.

  • Gillian Donnelly (Posted on January 4, 2015)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Solved my issue

    I manage a huge online store, but I wanted an app solution that integrates with my online store and allows me to access my store even when I travel. This app has satisfied my requirement, now I can access my store through my iPad. Thank you Biztech, liked the efforts paid behind this solution.

  • Paul Voges (Posted on December 15, 2014)
    Yes, I Recommend this extension
    Perfect store solution

    What else can be better that a solution for portable online store. I was so glad having this Magento integrated in my store. It helps me carry my store anywhere I want to with my iPad. I just love this app, truly commendable solution.

Release Notes :

Version: 0.1.2 : January 1st, 2016


  • Supports window application
Version: 0.1.1 : June 3rd, 2015


  • Added Provision Enable/Disable feature from Device
  • Stock Alert On device
  • Added order details in notification on device
Version: 0.1.0 : Dec 1, 2014


  • MageMob POS: A Point of Sale is Release.

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