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Magento Easy Site Maintenance

Easy Site Maintenance
Community Editions
1.4.0.*, 1.4.1.*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.0.*, 1.5.1.*, 1.6.0.*, 1.6.1.*, 1.6.2.*, 1.7.0.*, 1.8.*.*, 1.9.*.*

The Easy Site Maintenance Extension helps Online Merchants to Put their Online Store in Maintenance Mode for Specified Time Span where Online Merchants can Configure it from Back-End.

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps your website under maintenance mode for any reason technical or other
  • Except admin no one else can access site when it is on maintenance mode
  • Admin can specify the IPs that can access the site while it being under maintenance
  • Displays countdown time also on the website
  • Keeps track of the visitors during maintenance period using a log file
  • Contact us form is available for customers to stay connected with admin during maintenance

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Admin Settings
Admin Settings
Maintenance Page
Feedback Form
Notify User
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    Magento Easy Site Maintenance

    Often you may want to put your website on maintenance mode due to some technical or server related issues, or you may want to update or change some feature or theme of your website. This is when Easy Site Maintenance extension can come to your rescue.

    Easy Site Maintenance Extension enables you put your online store in maintenance mode for specific period of time from the frontend which you can configure from the backend.

    Core Features
    • No Access to Website

      Once you have configured this extension, no one can have access to your website. Only admin from the backend would be able to access the site.

    • Access from Limited IP Address

      There is also a facility through which the admin can specify few IP addresses using which the site would be able to be accessed. This will help the developer to apply the changes required in the site from specified IP address.

    • Countdown Timer 

      This extension allows you to display the stretch of time up till when your website or e-store will remain under maintenance. This will display the countdown time on your website.

    • Track Visitors During Maintenance

      You can keep track of your visitors when your site is under maintenance with the help of log file, which is maintained from backend. Any attempt to access your website while it is on maintenance mode, can be tracked by the system by recording the IP address of all visitors in the log file.

    • Contact Us Form

      Provision of filling up Contact Us Form is also offered when the site is under maintenance mode. This will allow your customers to reach you even when your site is under maintenance, thus you will not miss any visit or business opportunity.

    • Work for Multiple Stores

      This extension can also work for more than one store. If you run multiple stores and want to manage all the stores from single admin panel, you can do it seamlessly without encountering any issue. You can put one, few or all stores under maintenance.

    • Custom Message

      Although a custom message for the maintenance page is available but you can also create and display your own custom message. If you want to display your own custom message then you just need to add the html code. No need to create a separate page or redirect the maintenance page on another page. In addition, you can also display images.

    • Customized Page Title

      You can also customize the maintenance page title with some personalized message to make it more approachable to your visitors.

    • Upload Logo

      You can also upload your business logo from backend for the maintenance page to display for your visitors.

    • Notification Box for Users

      You can also offer the option to your visitors/customers of receiving the notification when the site is not under maintenance and is accessible. This will help your customers to access your site when it is functioning.

    • Display Users Subscribed for Notification

      Provision of getting the users’ name displayed in the backend is available who have opted to get the notifications when the site will be back to normal mode of functioning. This will help you notify those users and help them have access to your website.

    Users’ Gain
    • Timely and Easy Access to Website  

      Visitors don’t need to visit the site under speculation, but they can be sure of accessing the website after receiving the notification from the website admin that the site is back for access!

    • Registers Visit

      Visitors can mark their visit by filling in the contact us form and can contact the admin anytime even if the site is under maintenance.

    • Opts for Notification 

      The option of receiving notification when the site is accessible helps customers to access the site at right time without spending time and efforts on trying to access the site when it is on maintenance mode.

    November 10, 2015

    Version: 0.1.5:

    • New Enhancements.
    • - Admin can set height and width of logo.
    • - Admin can define Start date and End date.
    • - Admin can define Start minute and End minute to start up and finish up the timer.
    June 19, 2015

    Version: 0.1.4:

    • Bug Fixing.
    June 18, 2015

    Version: 0.1.3:

    • Bug Fixing.
    Nov 06, 2014

    Version: 0.1.2:

    • Bug Fixing.
    Oct 06, 2014

    Version: 0.1.1:

    • New Enhancements.
    • - Bypass url Functionality.
    • - Make site live on timer complete.
    • - Admin can customize maintenance page.
    Jan 07, 2014

    Version: 0.1.0:

    • Easy Site Maintenance is Release.
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    • DietmarHofer (Posted on October 28, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Perfect extension for website maintenance

      Many thanks or this great extension. It meets exactly my requirements!
      Support from Maulik is great!!!
      I was not able to open Magento Connect Manager while website was in maintenance mode.
      I contacted the support and on next day Maulik sent a new file which replaced one in the installation directory of the extension. Now it works!
      Also i need to say, that it is for free!!!
      Many thanks for this extension.

    • maverick129 (Posted on October 16, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Excellent Module

      A very handy module. Initially, I did find hiccups while installing, but, then, the developer Maulik, gave immediate resolution, even the patch as per my requirement. Amazing Support. keep up the good work.

    • Rebecca Young (Posted on September 7, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Suitable for my online store

      This is a very good extension with seamless performance and offers excellent user experience.

    • Scott Gilbert (Posted on September 2, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Attractive Solution

      It is the most efficient extension I have ever installed. Offers a great GUI when the website is under maintenance. It also notifies the customers when the websites is ready for service.

    • Bruce Jenkins (Posted on August 27, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      I really liked it!

      I really liked this Magento extension as it got easily configured and its performance is simply awesome. When my site was under maintenance mode, it helped my customers know the exact time when they can return to the site. They can also get the notification when the website is made available. I am so damn impressed with this extension that I recommend it to every store owner.

    • Karen Porter (Posted on August 11, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      My Perfect Selection

      This extension worked perfectly well with my online store. It got easily configured and I can avail the excellent features it offered. I recommend this extension to every online store owners.

    • Brandaosan (Posted on July 31, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Great Extension

      This extension works as described, easy to install and configure, congratulations to the developer who released this great extent free, I recommend this extension at all.
      My magento version

    • bastistuecker (Posted on July 7, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Perfect Support

      After some Problems I got help from the Support.
      Now it works fine! Great Job and many thanks to the Support!

    • Magebassi (Posted on July 1, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Great Extension

      Great Free Extension with multiple options. Thanks!!

    • MaxAC (Posted on April 21, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      it works!

      good extension, just install it manually and copy skin and app files in your custom theme
      good developer support, they answer me very fast
      thank you!

    • CANARIO (Posted on March 29, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Works perfectly, great extension

      Had been several days reading a lot of tutorials, but did not suit what I wanted, because did not allow visitors to interact with Site Administrator.
      This extension makes it very easy since you control everything from the Magento Admin Panel. Highly recommended

      Great job guys Biztech, and many thanks.

    • Lifecadmin (Posted on March 27, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension

      If you use custom template,
      after installation do this few steps:
      app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/easymaintanance.xml copy to
      app/design/frontend/default/default/template/easymaintanance/*.* copy to
      skin/frontend/default/default/easymaintanance/*.* copy to
      Great extension! Thanks!

    • Rudidd (Posted on March 19, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Great Tool!

      Very good tool to put your magento site in maintenace mode. Works great, easy acces to your store through allowed IP's, useful contact interface for customers when in maintenance mode.
      Very quick support response. Top!

    • Ecschurman (Posted on March 13, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Excellent extention, a must have!

      I was disappointed Magento 1.9.0 didn't have this extension by default. I was therefore delighted that Biztechcon offered this extension for free and with extra features others didn't have; like logo, a timer and a contact message page. The only minor issue is that it is not responsive but for sure they will get that done in a newer release. Thank so much!

    • Ninc (Posted on February 20, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Great Extension

      I could not install from the Magento downloader because of my server set up.But with the great support from this team made my day.
      Working perfect on my Magento!
      Thank you for making this great extension!

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