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Magento Advance Product File Upload

Advance Product File Upload (Extension)
Community Editions
1.4.0.*, 1.4.1.*, 1.4.2.*, 1.5.0.*, 1.5.1.*, 1.6.0.*, 1.6.1.*, 1.6.2.*, 1.7.0.*, 1.8.*.*, 1.9.*.*

You can display your products, images and other details in different types of files that can be uploaded now for showcasing your products in an appealing way. Advance Product File Upload extension allows you upload any length and type of files to attract more customers.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows the admin to upload as many product files as required
  • Allows specific file type to upload
  • A single click can upload multiple files
  • Global file upload feature allows the same file uploaded in various products instantly at a single click
  • Adds URLs also of specific file
  • Files can be uploaded in multiple stores
  • Under the price section the files will be displayed

Screenshots: (Click to zoom)

Admin Setting
Product Detail Page
Global File Upload
Global File Upload
CSV Import
CSV Import
CSV Import
Product Page
Product Page

Example: http://www.domain.com

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    Magento Advance Product File Upload

    Using our easy to use Advance Product File Upload Extension, the admin of any e-commerce site can easily add new feature and functionality to its store, offering better and feature rich shopping experience to its customers.

    You can help your merchants to add new feature to their e-store by configuring advance product file upload extension. This will help them offer their shoppers an improved shopping experience.

    Core Features
      • Add Multiple Files

        Using this extension, admin can upload as many files as required to their products section! It allows file uploading and attaching the uploaded files to different products specified during attachment.

      • Specific File Types Allowed

        Once the advance product file upload is configured, admin can upload the file upload title or a default upload title would be displayed. This extension would allow specific file types i.e. PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, XLS, or media files also like wmv, mp3, etc. which the admin can add or delete from admin panel.

      • Uploads Multiple Files Simultaneously

        This extension can upload as many files as required in a single click

      • Upload Files Globally

        Similar file can be uploaded in multiple products in single click using Global file upload feature

      • Upload File URLs

        You can add file URLs of specific file instead of uploading file from your system

      • Upload Files In Bulk

        Using CSV Import facility, file can be uploaded in bulk

      • File Size Available

        Now the size of the file can be displayed next to the file

      • Displays File Type

        Now file type can be displayed in the frontend in the form or an icon

      • Display File Description

        Short description of the uploaded file can be displayed in a tooltip block that will be displayed in the frontend.

      • Files be Uploaded in Product Information Page

        Specific description about the relevant file types can be added in global file upload functionality.

      • Upload Files in Multiple Store

        Admin can add as many rows as required to upload new files box to upload more files to a particular product. Files can be managed as per the stores selected. Admin can manage and upload files in different stores! The sorting of various files can be managed by admin, which will be displayed to the admin as well as the customer in the same sequence.

      • Files Displayed to Customers under Price Block

        The uploaded files will be displayed to the customers in the frontend under the price block, which is a default display position for files. Customers can view the files with its downloadable links for easy download.

    Customers Gain
    • Easy to install and user-friendly
    • Easily to further customize
    • Add value and feature to the e-commerce site
    • We offer 6 months free support, from the date of purchase without any additional charge.
    • We also offer 15-days money back guarantee

    Now allow your customers (online merchants) to offer improved and feature-rich shopping experience to their customers. 

    Nov 25, 2015

    Version: 0.1.2:

    • Enhancements : compatible with patch Supee 6788.
    June 23, 2015

    Version: 0.1.1:

    • Enhancements :
    • The file size will be displayed next to filename
    • Displays file type in an icon in the frontend
    • Displays file description in a tooltip block
    June 06, 2014

    Version: 0.1.0:

    • Advance Product File Upload is Release.
    • Anthony Jordan (Posted on November 27, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Super Useful

      It allowed me to upload files to my store. Well, one can upload any type and length of files and display products, their images details in a different way. Very helpful to eCommerce store owners.

    • Jeff Weiner (Posted on September 8, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Efficient solution

      This extension got easily installed and configured with my online store. It offers seamless performance. Amazing eCommerce solution, liked it!

    • David Burke (Posted on September 5, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension

      This extension is really nice, it allows uploading multiple files for any single product. It made my work easy.

    • Katie Allen (Posted on August 29, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Its Really Nice

      Uploading multiple product files has become very easy since I started using this extension for my online store. I can now offer the best shopping experience to my loyal customers giving them a reason to return to my e-store.

    • Tom Foster (Posted on August 10, 2015)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      So Efficient!

      I was so glad while using this extension as it has made my online store highly reliable. It allows me upload multiple product files and is also easily configured. Customers can now avail the best shopping experience within my Magento online store. I recommend this extension to every eCommerce website owners for better business opportunities.

    • Rosanne Barstow (Posted on June 19, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      A Must have Extension

      Today only I configured this extension and it really worked well! Thanks for such a great tool!

    • Aaric Evans (Posted on June 17, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension
      Superb & Easy to Install

      Added value to my online store! I am extremely happy that I have it for my e-store.

    • Fidel Martin (Posted on June 11, 2014)
      Yes, I Recommend this extension

      This extension made my work easier and now I can provide my customers an improved and feature rich shopping experience! I would surely recommend this extension to all!



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